New user trying to set up Accounts Receivable

Trying to set up accounts receivable. Went to Settings, Customise & it won’t let me tick the Customer box. Anyone had this issue?

Does it let you tick any other box?

Yes there a number ticked but Customer box appears to be locked. It is the free version, which I have had before & worked fine, but maybe that option has been reserved to upgrades only?

I have raised a customer invoice ok but can’t see any way to receive against it. I can only use the Receipt/Payment tab but nothing seems to link to the invoice raised so it will remain outstanding?

Sorry I found it. I have to view the individual invoice & receipt that way. It appears I can’t set up an account receivable area & do it all in there.

It sounds like you resolved this problem, correct?

No. There are no reserved or limited functions or features in Manager except multiple users. Multiple users are available only on the server and cloud editions.

You can also do this without viewing the sales invoice. See the Guide: Record a receipt | Manager.