New User: Question About Which Feature to Use

Hello all,

I am a new user to the software. I am moving a non-profit books from excel to a real accounting program.

I set up an expense account called “Special Events.” Typically we hold 2, sometimes 3 special events annually. Apart from setting up GL accounts for Event1, Event2, Event3 - is there a function or a method that would allow me to record all the expenses as one line item on the P&L but still allow us able to pull our event-specific date later?

Welcome to the forum. As a new user it’s highly recommended to start by reading the Guides and search the forum as explained in the Forum’s FAQ/Rules. You could also create a test business to learn how things work.

@Angela, general ledger expense accounts for each of your special events is generally not a good idea. Because Manager is a perpetual accounting system, accounts you set up and use this year will still be on your chart of accounts and appear in your reports forever. An account for Event catering is fine, but 2023 Summer picnic is not.

To separate this year’s events from future years’, use Projects. See the last section of Design a chart of accounts | Manager and Create and use projects | Manager. If your events are related to specific permanent causes, you might also consider Divisions. See Create and manage divisions | Manager.

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Thank you! I have read the manual, but it was hard for me to figure out what would work for me. I will look into Projects and Divisions and see which one will work better.

Create a test business and experiment with typical entries. Don’t complicate your actual records with the residue of your learning process.