New to the computing method

hi there. i have always done my book keeping in manuals but i want to start doing it on my laptop now. how do i put opening and closing figures in? and why does the profit and loss not do a cost of sales?

Go to the Partners page and watch the videos. Also read the Guides. If you still have questions, be as specific as you can be about the problem you are encountering.

Cost of sales is not an account, but the result of calculations using the income and expense accounts. If you are referring to cost of goods sold, you must have the inventory tab enabled.

thanks Tut, but the videos didnt really show what I need. I know cost of sales is not an account, but when doing p+l you need this figure to work the gross profit before net profit. why doesnt it do that?

The default P&L is a simple layout, only showing income, expenses, and net profit. Go to Settings > Multi-Step Income Statement and you can set things up differently.

One of the underlying design principles of Manager is to keep things as simple as possible, with more complex options and setup procedures only if the user needs them.

ok, thanks Tut i will give that a go. i’m assuming it will be the same for the balance sheet?

Not automatically. The default balance sheet is simple. To reorganize it, go to Setting > Classified Balance Sheet.

For future reference, always check the Guides before resorting to the forum. The Guides are currently being upgraded and revised, so not everything is fully explained, but they are steadily improving.

ive done it all now, so hopefully i can get on with doing my clients’ accounts. i have looked at the guides and atm none of them helped. thats why i used the forum, after all thats what its there for right, for advice and helping each other?

Absolutely. I just wanted to be sure you knew about that resource. :grinning: