New software

How can I go back to old software

Unless you saved old downloads, you cannot. And a data file opened in a newer version cannot be used by an older version, because changes are sometimes made upon update.

I have it on USB and new software on new computer doesn’t do it

You need both

  1. Data file not opened by new version of Manager software (such as USB backup)
  2. Old Manager program version (such as an old Manager program installer)

You have what on USB? And what doesn’t new software on new computer do?

Ok I try that but my backup for old do

Manager software old one but it won’t take import backup

As I said, the program is not backward compatible. Why do you want to use an obsolete version of the program?

Its better

You are, of course, entitled to your opinion. But I can think of only one program change that has removed a popular feature in the past couple of years. Everything else has added capabilities and flexibility. And Manager has maintained the philosophy that if you don’t want to use something, you don’t have to enable it.

You have shared almost no information throughout this entire thread. You have not said what version you want to go back to or why. You complained that the “new” software “doesn’t do it,” but declined to say what it won’t do. You say the old version is “better,” but did not say how.

Going backwards would only deprive you of technical support, because forum discussions are in terms of the current version.

Why don’t you take a leap of faith and tell us what capability you really want. Someone will most likely be able to tell you how to do it. If there has been a change, someone will probably be able to explain why.

I don’t like texting because I don’t know how to explain it , I would like someone to talk to me by phone call , which I could explain better

All support for Manager occurs via this forum so everyone can learn from the discussions. Remember, you are anonymous.

I Still like a phone number to call

There isn’t one.