New Payment/Receipt linking

Now that I’ve used the new “Link a supplier or customer to payments/receipts” feature for the first time, I might suggest that Employees be a supported link category.

The developer has already mentioned that as a future development, along with expense claim payers.

One more thought: if I don’t even have Suppliers enabled in a business, shouldn’t supplier be hidden from the linking drop down list?

Has the return of auto complete for “Other” payees made it to the roadmap yet?

You can monitor the status of all bugs here: There has not been a development roadmap for several years.

Quite the reverse.
If you select “Supplier” from the drop down list then all tax codes for that payment/receipt should be reported as a purchase to your tax authorities.

Without this facility it is impossible to enter a negative line item in a cash purchase without enabling the supplier tab and creating a dummy entry.

But if you select Supplier, you can only choose from the list of suppliers already entered. You cannot enter free text in the field for the payee/payer name.

For a cash purchase when the supplier tab is not enabled, an invoice in unlikely to be required to be sent by the Manger user to someone else. In which case who the supplier was can readily be documented in the description fields. Which is typically already the case when importing bank statements.

I agree if the Manger user want more informative reports then enabling the suppliers tab, entering suppliers there and linking them to payments / receipts is better but doing so should be a users choice.