New customization scheme and cheques

@lubos, the new customization scheme introduced with v15.1.34 is great. Much easier to understand, and should avoid confusion by new users. I particularly like the way needed settings options appear as their tabs are enabled.

To me, this suggests the way bank accounts should be handled. I’ve already given my opinion that Cheques and Bank Deposits should not be separate tabs. I would like to see a single Bank Accounts tab, with any necessary settings appearing when it was enabled.

Yeah, I’ll probably end up doing it that way.

This new scheme has affected us. We only use the Purchase Order tab and not the Purchase Invoice tab (we use it for conveniece only). Purchase Invoice items were available under customizing of Settings tab before. Now Purchase Invoice items don’t appear under the Settings tab anymore unless Purchase Invoices tab is active. Would you be willing to change this so that we don’t have have both tabs active to access them?

Fixed in the latest version (15.1.43)

Thank you so much. That was quick!

I have to strongly disagree with the notion that all things related to banking should be under a single Tab. I for one do not use Cheques as implemented currently and have not activated this tab. Furthermore, I don’t want to go to a single tab for a multitude of functionalities that could be better handled under separate tabs of my choosing, especially now that settings are included with tabs. I prefer tabs for logically distinct functions that keep track of transactions as currently implemented in Deposits and Cheques modules. Keep the look and feel of this software! Lubos, don’t be swayed by the vociferous few. Follow your own instincts and keep up the good work!.

The key point here is that most users feel cheques should be directly under Bank accounts tab the same as statement transactions such as Spend money and Receive money are (we don’t have separate tab which will show all bank receipts and then another tab showing all bank payments across all bank accounts).

Sure, if you are not using cheques, you don’t want to see them in the interface. This can be easily handled by adding checkbox when creating (or editing) bank account where you would indicate if the bank account has cheque facility. If you select no cheque facility, cheque options would be completely invisible under Bank accounts tab.

Are bank deposits going to be under Bank accounts as well then? Will cheques and deposits no longer be undeposited cheques and uncleared deposits? Will they be placed in the bank account directly? … or flagged separatly in some way? What will happen when bank transactions are imported? Will bank rules be easily implemented for these transactions? What if manual banking is used? It isn’t clear to me how this will all work if everything is directly under Bank accounts tab. Right now separate tabs that show these transactions are unambiguous with no checkboxes required. Also related to this is the issue of cheques as received payment and recording of cheque dates for customer statements. Not so easy I would think unless handled with separate tab as well. I await your solution and hope that if things get too convoluted for us we can still continue to do our banking as we are doing now. The key point for us is simplicity.