New concept - "Edit Columns"

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@lubos the idea is good and i like it… but please bring back the four color-coded status. it was soo helpful.

Where? For clarity reasons, please also indicate Manager’s edition and version you are using, and on which OS it’s installed.

i’m using cloud version of manager… before the Edit collums updates the status collumn used to have 4colours as shown below:


This updated on our Manager today and it looks like a great improvement.

My suggestion is implementing a notification capability so we are told of changes within Manager itself and only need to come to the forum for more details. This would help avoid upsetting people with unexpected changes.

Read the Releases page.

@Mike13 please sign up for newsletter at the bottom of Also, all notable changes are mentioned at Releases | Manager

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@lubos Yeah, we get it but I often neglect to read it. I’ll try to stay more up to date but my focus is my businesses and Manager is a great tool. I just want it to work and not have to worry about it. I still think my suggestion is valid. I understand that no matter what you do someone will be unhappy.

@Mike13 in-app notifications would be fine if Manager would have less releases. But since there are so many releases, you’d be notified constantly about things that do not affect you. So it would quickly lose its meaning and I assume you’d learn to ignore it anyway.

I see it the same way you do. Just have the tool that simply works without thinking about it. And having notifications about the tool itself would be a distraction. 99% of time these notifications are not relevant to you. And that 1% that might be relevant is hopefully improving the software for you enough to overcome the frustration from the unexpected change.


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Sorry, but if I am struggling to understand this message, others likely are also. You may want to rephrase your question or statement (I’m not sure which it is)