New Bank Rule

A few months ago I noticed that when I import bank transactions all the uncategorized bank transactions are appearing kind of pale and faded out and with a “new bank rule” button right next to each one. I don’t use the bank rule feature. Our clients are unbelievably careless. They send us money with no name, no invoice number, sometimes the wrong invoice number. It just can’t be automated. They are too randomly careless. I need to know I have matched every transaction to the correct invoice number before I send out statements each month and if I have to guess I need to look at the date of the payment and whatever I can find to give me a clue. Machines can’t do that well enough for me yet. So in the meantime is there a way for me to get rid of the new bank rule buttons and get the transaction text darker so that I can read it more easily?

I think it is related to this Bank import sort order
If you look at this post it is linked to many others with similar concerns.

Thanks. I’ll take a look.

There is also no reason you cannot use bank rules. Since you must edit these transactions anyway, edit them during the import process into the necessary form to match your bank rules. As you do, they will be picked up by your bank rules and no longer be uncategorized.