New activation key required

I have just tried to log into my Manager account after moving it to Microsoft one drive and it needs a new activation key.
How do I get this?

What exactly did you move to OneDrive? And what edition are you using (server or cloud)? An “account” implies the cloud edition, but you would not put that on OneDrive.

No idea. I have had it for a few years on my computer and laptop.
I cannot even use it now from my E drive which was my F drive until an accident recently trying to solve a problem for a customer.
It was working on both the laptop and my main computer, so probably cloud??

Sorry. It was the free desktop edition. I thought I was copying my files to the cloud as a backup but now I need to enter an activation key. as it thinks the file is not where it once was.
Obviously there is no point having a backup plan if it stops all access to the database of 3 or 4 years.
Do you have any ideas?

@PeterL can you post screenshot of where you are asked for activation key? Desktop edition does not require activation key anywhere.

Hi Thanks for responding.
I finally recognized that my desktop app was from early 2017 and had probably been updated since then.
I have now downloaded the current version and with a bit of tweaking have regained access to my database which is now on microsoft cloud.
I am the only user of a very small database for my own company. At some point I would like to take a holiday if we ever get over COVID19.
At that point I may find myself away from my desktop and need to finalise my GST returns on my laptop. Hence the need to take the database and application with me wherever I go.
Having downloaded the latest version the request for an activation key no longer appears so I cannot show it to you.
Kind Regards peter