Need to add IMEI ( Mobile phone serilal ) in sales invoice

Need to add IMEI ( Mobile phone serilal ) in sales invoice, tried custom field but there we can add only one number
Need multiple serials. Pls help

Use multiple custom fields… IMEI1, IMEI2…

create a custom field with its Type set as Paragraph.

Its working but there is one paragraph type custom field in sales invoice
i actually need custom field ( paragraph type ) in every row for every product
before qty

You can’t do that, and don’t need to. You can add extensive content to the description field, even incorporating HTML code.

Sir its working but i dont want show 100 serials on invoice

And also the description box serials can not be tracked.

You are not making sense. First you say you want multiple serial numbers. Then you say you don’t. Which is it?

Regardless of how many you want, you can put them all into either the Description field or a line-item custom field. Even the the field shows as being small on the entry form, it will accept as much content as you want to put in. The field will expand, up to a limit, and then the text will wrap. In this respect, its behavior is exactly like a paragraph style custom field.

I get the impression you have not actually tried to do what you are asking about. Otherwise, you would know it can be done. Try it.

if you just want to enter the product serial numbers for your internal reference and not show it on the printed invoice, then just uncheck the below tick box in your custom field.


if you are selling a range of serial numbers like ABC10001 - ABC10100 which is 100 items, then just enter this serial number in product description field itself. or you can create two line item custom fields called Serial Start and Serial End.

in Manager you cannot track any product serial numbers. this feature is not yet available.