Need Help. Not balancing

Hi there
I need some help. I don’t know what has gone wrong. I have been using this program for quite awhile now and never have a problem balancing.
I conducted an upgrade and now after entering 3 months worth of data i am way off on my balance. I have gone through and checked everything over and over and can’t see anything i have missed etc.
When i look at the accounts running balances though they seem to be different.
For example on the 15/9 when i last entered stuff i was 100% balanced. Now when i look at 15/9 running balance it is about $5000 off.
I don’t know how to fix this or how to find out where the problem is so really need help please.
Could it be anything to do with cleared/uncleared payments or something?? i never had that option before.

Is there a way to see if anything is uncleared?

ok i found the “uncleared” tab in the bank accounts page and their are no items in there so don’t think it can be that

The first thing to check is the period you are displaying. The Set Period button is at the top of the Summary page. If you have transactions before or after the set period, they will not be reflected.

For further troubleshooting, can you please provide more specific information on the problem? Which balances are off? When viewed in what tab? Tell us exactly what you are looking at and why you think there is a problem.