Need help in themes

Greetings manager community,

I have been using manager for a while. I need some help regarding themes. I wanted to make all my fonts bold and larger when printing. So i made a customized theme.
Everything goes well except when i print a multi-line transaction. Please see in the attached image, the distance between two lines is very small. How can i increase this in my custom theme?

If someone got a working bold & large fonts theme, kindly share it with me. Otherwise, i shall be very thankful if you guide me how can i increase distance between lines.
Regards, Safdar Khan.

it depends on how you customized your theme to change the fonts. also you will have to troubleshoot issues arising from the custom themes yourselves.

basic instructions to change theme font is available in the guide

I re-created the theme from scratch and made the font a bit smaller. Seems working for me now.