My receivable does not change when I register a payment

Hi guys,

Newly working with the Manager and love the structure it is placed.

Now I do face one issue (I am using manager desktop, as it is purely for the finances of the two house that are part of a entity).

There are monthly payments by the two owners of the houses to the entity, but we pay this in cash (no bank transfer). The problem I am having is that my receivables do not get any connect when I register the invoice paid. and what I mean is, at payment I issue a receipt of the funds paid. What to do? I am sure I am doing something wrong, but I do not know what exactly.

Many thanks, Mark

What edition and version are you using?

Also, share the edit screen of the payment/receipt.

21.9.29 and using it on a MAC.

you have already recorded the sales to your Sales account in your invoice. so there is no need to select the same account in your Receipt. this will be equivalent to a double sale.

you need to post the receipt to Accounts receivable of the customer.
read the Receipts against sales invoices section in the guide Record a receipt | Manager

if you are a new user please read and understand the Guides section before using Manager. everything is clearly explained with examples.

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Yeah, while you were writing this, I actually found the link…I just realized I designated the wrong account for the receipt…then indeed you get a double booking…

Many thanks and amazing the quick response I am getting…wished I had found this application many years ago

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