Multiple tracking code on one transaction

Hi everyone.

So far, we can only use one tracking code per transaction.
I tried to find a workaround but so far no result.
Example is a geographic area with multiple sale employees and multiple sales channels.

Maybe someone found a workaround already?

Looking forward to your contribution.


Tracking codes are applied per line item, not per transaction. So you can have as many as there are line items.

But the purpose of tracking codes is to assign a line item to a segregated portion of a profit and loss statement, as when you have multiple divisions of a company. Therefore you can only have one. No income or expense item can have more than one home.

What you want to track could be done with custom fields.

Let say you pay 50 for electricity but want to apportion it to two different tracking codes for 20 and 30

Put 20 in the amount field in the first line
Add another line and put 30 there choosing different tracking codes for each of the lines.
The sum total is 50 but it will be split to their tracking codes.
Hope this helps.

Hello and thanks for your inputs.
I understand the concept of one tracking code per line. But I think the custom field is going to be the best approach then.
Fact is I do not have to split an amount into two cost centres, but applying one amount to two different cost center.

Imagine I have Harvey and Linda working on the German market. I would like to be able to track the costs by employee and by region.

So if I want to use the custom field, where should I put these - I assume sales and expenses?

Also, how will i be able to use these custom field in reports? Such as P&L etc.

Again, thanks for your input


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Have you read these Guides?

Thanks for the participation.

yes I read these and understand how to create custom fields. Question is will they be usable in reports?

Thanks again,

Built-in report content does not include custom fields. You can change only those things you see on the input screen when creating the report.

Thanks you Tut.

So I would assume it is doable in custom reports, right?

If so, anyone already created these? I have no idea how to do that and am very bad at xml coding

Thanks in advance

Custom reports is a feature still under development. There is no documentation for it.