Multiple sale order created automatically in a second

i update manager but there is a bug. multiple sales order created automatically almost 300 sales order. please help if anyone facing the same issue

@RJA, you have shown no evidence of a bug. Your subject was edited accordingly.

Automatic entries by Manager are made in response to actions taken by users. So, you did something, either after updating or in the past, that caused this to happen. You need to furnish more information so others can help you figure out the problem:

  • What version number did you update from?
  • Were these 300 sales orders immediately visible when you launched the updated application and opened the business? Or did you do something first?
  • Have you viewed any of the sales orders? Post a screen shot of the Edit screen of one of them.
  • Are the sales orders all identical?
  • Where did you capture your screen shots? You show only a portion of the window, so it is impossible to tell what you are showing. When you illustrate a problem, you need to show the entire screen, including the bread crumbs at the top (the blue hyperlinks that show the path you navigated to reach the screen being displayed). Tell us the exact actions you took to reach the display involved.
  • Is there a legitimate sales order corresponding to one or more of these extra sales orders?
  • If so, has that sales order been completed and invoiced?
  • Are you using form defaults for either your sales orders or sales invoices? If so, post screen shots of the Edit screens for the form defaults of those two transaction types.

After seeing these sales orders i create another sale order which was true

i have updated the version to 22.6.12. but i am unable to see my older version number.

yes these were immediately visible when i use to create sale order and i just enter only two items and create the sale order.

i have posted the edited screen

i have posted complete screenshot.

No sale order is uninvoiced yet. because there was a problem of multiple sales orders and i choose to put this issue to experts and i had also seen a purchase invoice which was also created multiple times almost 250 times and then i use batch delete function to delete the invoice but this time i post the issue .

i have posted screenshot

Please review history and try to identify the entry that triggered the creation of many sales orders as you reported. When viewing it is important to observe if each entry is a separate one when viewing the history for one or if all of them appear in one go by one of the views. It may be useful if the latter to at least show a screenshot of the viewscreen even if only the top entries.

Unfortunately, @RJA, you did not answer all my questions. They might not seem important to you, but any one of them could hold the key to your problem. Please answer all the unanswered questions. And please follow my instructions for capturing screen shots. The information you have excluded is important.

i think i have answered your every single question you have asked except one , which is

i’m unable to answer this question because i don’t know the older version.
if you want more details , i can provide you.
and i’m still facing the same issue in receipts.
last night i update the version may be this issue can resolve

this happens again in purchase invoice multiple purchase invoice created automatically in a second.
i have posted history screenshot you can see time of purchase invoice.

if you want me to show you a video i can make a video
may be i’m unable to understand programmer language please specify me and resolve this issue

i just enter email settings but when you told me that i have taken some action that’s why manager response this issue i again reset email settings
and wait for 15 days but this issue was not resolved. now i have again update manager , may be this time there may be not an issue

Yes, can clearly see the issue created in your screen shots. What you have shown us cannot be fixed from the user interface, cloning canot produce so many entries so fast! Update again and recheck SO behaviour otherwise your company data file has become corrupt in some way. Good luck.

it may be a bug in manager may be resolved in next update because there is a very hardworking team , i just point it out,

No, I am sorry, but you have not. Please read post #2 carefully and answer every single question, no matter how trivial or obvious the answer may seem to you. In reality, you just keep repeating your original points over and over.