Multiple PDF pages?

Hey team.
I have a purchase order that I need to submit but I’d like to have 2 or 3 pages of text associated with it (part of a contract) in the exported PDF. I don’t have a PDF creator, however I tried using paragraph text, but seems to play havoc when it moves onto the next page. Just wondering if that’s something you’d be able to update so we can add free text (It’s part of a contract) that I can put the terms and conditions on the actual purchase order? Hope that makes sense, but the free text box when I use a custom field reverses page 1 and 2, and doesn’t display anything past the first page.
Any other workarounds?

I noticed if I add 2 custom fields as free text it reverses page 1 and 2’s free text, so the first field goes to page 2. Any thoughts? Thanks.
Thanks team.

Nevermind, downloaded new version, fixes all those issues.
Wonderful! Back to work!