Multi stores

iam running sweet & candy business in two different stores locations,

can i use manager to monitor my inventory in each pos & manage daily revenue & staff salary?

Yes. If you are new to Manager, read the guides:

For specific information about multiple inventory locations, read about the new release:

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I believe so.

If you run a retail store and use a till, then as long as you keep a sufficient record of this to either use the payments function to record daily takings at the end of the day.
Alternative issue a miscellaneous invoice every day and then receive payment for each (possibly one for cash, one for card, one for cheques) then you are good to go. The second option is probably over complex and would be create little benefit - it just depends whether you want an extra step in place or not to match the till rolls to the system without it going directly into the bank, and whether you have card transactions which take a long time to arrive in the bank.

Inventory has just been updated to have multiple locations so should work. Make sure they are assigned to various locations (ie your two site - and maybe a warehouse or storage area). The difficulty you may have is keeping on top of what stock is where. You will need to use the inventory transfer function to transfer items from one location to another. Make sure when you post your takings for the day (whether you do this by either method) that you know what each items make up each sale for each customer (3 x product A @ £5 each, 2 product B @ £7 each …) as this will make sure the inventory is correct and help you manage your stock. If you have let customers try the sweets (sometimes food shops have a sample) then you will need to effectively write off the stock when you open each package. If it is measured by weight rather than in packages - simply alter the units to your minimum weight and record weight of each product sold per customer.

Hope that helps.


another question,

how can i track daily/monthly sales per each store location from selling allocated inventory items per store?,

You can use tracking codes

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I don’t think that Manager has a Point of sale solution. You would need to look at something else for this perhaps. This would then need to be entered in to manager in the way I mentioned previously.

Then you can track performance once this is then entered into manager. Then you can use reports. Apparently, they are working on a report for inventory for location. As above, you can track each stores taking by division.