Multi-Iine entries not displaying or formatted properly in Custom Report

In the new version - 20.10.74
I noticed the report lumps multi-line entries together in one single line when displayed or extracted to Excel.
This was not so in the previous version.

Any workaround to this ?

Version 20.10.74 is not the “new version.” It is 20 versions out of date. And I don’t know what your “previous version” was.

It is not clear exactly what you are referring to, either. What you mean by “when displayed?” Displayed where? And what, if anything does this have to do with custom reports, as in your subject? You need to illustrate what you are referring to with screen shots.

Regardless, the database structure includes multi-line entries in single fields of transactions. There is no way to change this. How these display or are reported depends on the context.

Thanks @Tut.
Please see more details below

What you mean by “when displayed?” Displayed where?

I mean on the Browser page after the report is generated.

And what, if anything does this have to do with custom reports
Because I noticed this when I created a Custom report. Typical report to display ledger entries of selected Expense accounts.

You need to illustrate what you are referring to with screen shots.

New behaviour

How it was entered

Forget what I wrote before. I thought you were referring to copying from the database for batch operations, where multiple line items will show up in a single cell.

You have placed what appear to be 11 different line items into the description for a single line item. If you enter these properly as separate line items, each posted to the correct account with its own quantity and unit price, your problem will be solved.


You have placed what appear to be 11 different line items into the description for a single line item.

Yes, and it displays properly, please see screenshot of similar report. That is a one single line item with multiple line items from an earlier version.

Besides for cash reconciliation, sometimes there arises the need to lump expense breakdown into one line when all the items refer to a single transaction.

What you saw was a result of the spreadsheet program interpreting HTML return characters as commands to go to the next row in a spreadsheet. As database structures evolve to incorporate new features and capabilities, you cannot expect the same result from improper use of the program. As you may have noticed, the entire Export function has disappeared from Manager, replaced by the Copy to clipboard button, which copies in TSV format. In other words, you are dealing with entirely different file formats.

Proper separation of line items will still produce a transaction total that can be used for reconciliation. The fact is, you are making more work for yourself, because you must do all the math to obtain extended amounts for each line item manually. Put things properly into separate line items and the program will do it all for you.

Try using the filter | newline_to_br and see if it works.

Thanks @Ealfardan ,

Please could you share additional details on where to use it

Idk what your code looks like, but just to give you and idea this is a pseudo code. It probably won’t work as-is, but you get the idea.

{% for i in transactions %}
{{ i | newline_to_br }}
{% endfor %}

Hi @Ealfardan
I’m using the default theme. I’m not sure code can be written to a Custom Report on Manager. I stand to be corrected.

I thought you were talking about report transformations but now see that you are talking about custom reports. Sorry.

Your help in looking at this will be much appreciated. Generating Custom report is now a nightmare.
If this has being the behaviour of the system right from the onset, precautions would have being taken. Right now quite a lot of historical records have been impacted.

@Zion, so far you have not shown anything that anyone can look into. Your subject was about custom reports. But you have only complained about how Excel displays expense accounts, apparently after a copy/paste operation. You have shown some screen shots from spreadsheets and a portion of a transaction you did not identify. But that was enough to determine you are entering things incorrectly, a practice you defended as being necessary without justification. You have not shown anything related to a custom report.

What do you expect anyone to do? If you are having trouble with a custom report, you need to post a screen shot of the report definition and another one of the result.

Very interesting writeup you did. I provided screenshot of the Excel page, All you could have asked for in simple language is additional screenshot of the Custom page.
Here you go.

Report definition

Sample Result

Hope this helps.

Yes, it helps. It shows your problem comes from putting multiple line items into a single line, as I have been saying. You seem to expect the custom report to separate entries you have lumped together. Since the custom report does not, neither will a spreadsheet copied from it.

Once again if you could please look at the multiple line item display issue on Custom reports. This wasn’t the case in previous versions so I believe it can still be rectified.
I believe other users are experiencing same.

Thanks for your efforts, I believe this is an issue for the developer and not something a forum moderator or ordinary user can handle.

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