Moving existing version to new computer

I have purchased a new computer and have a destop editaion of Manager. I backed up all my data and downloaded a new version of Manger to my new computer. Only to find that that the updates do not suit my needs. I require all the bank accounts to appear seperately as ther are short and long term investmetnst and to be able to export a cheque listing to meet my auditors requirements. How do I move the older version across to my new computer?

excuse poor typing!

A better option would be to fix the current version of Manager so that it works for you. Do you mean that you want the bank accounts to appear separately on the Summary Page? If so, you can go to chart of accounts and create a control account called Banks for example. Then add each bank account to this control account and it will appear on the summary page.

I am assuming that you upgraded from a version prior to the summary page change a few months ago. With Custom Control Accounts and Sub Accounts its now possible to arrange the Summary Page to suit your required needs.

If you need help with creating control accounts, see the guides for that.

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Thanks dalacor. Perfect! - I have been able to custom the summary report to exactly my needs. I am up and running again!
Really appreciate the time that you took to respond to my quandary.

Glad that I could help. The new Summary Page is actually better than the old one if people are aware that it can be customised. The problem is that most people aren’t aware that it can be modified.

Anyway good that you got it working for your needs.