Moving Cells

Is there a way to move multiple cells at once??? I do my billing for my business a week behind in case there are any errors and then I have to move hundreds of cells to the appropriate date which is very time consuming. So I might bill something for 4/18 on 4/25 and to keep everything organized by date, I have to manually move the cell to the date range of 4/18, which also includes multiple bills for that date, thus having to move each one, one by one. If not, is there a way to program this, almost like a cut and paste??

Can you demonstrate using the screenshot what you mean?

Have you tried batch operations?

Needing to move multiple cells at once under 4/4.

You mean you want to drag and drop multiple rows at once. Right?

@jfazzino, it isn’t clear what you are showing. Please use a screen capture utility and show the entire Edit screen.

From what is visible, it appears you are entering a transaction with many line items. If so, they will all be posted on the date of the transaction. Change that and every line will be posted on the new date.

If you are asking about something else, please explain what you mean by moving multiple cells under 4/4.


Why you are not using appropriate modules where you enter each line as a separate transaction rather than this singular journal entry.

Have a look at the guides that explain how to use the system to its full potential: Guides | Manager

Well can I cut and paste multiple cells?

Sheesh I’m not sure I know what that is but I will look into it.

No, you cannot cut and paste “cells.” Nor can you move them. Manager is not a spreadsheet. What you call cells are fields in a structured database. You can copy contents of individual fields. You can also copy lists and reports. But you can’t move them around.

You can hardly complain when the developer suggests reading the program documentation.