Most recent Desktop Edition release number question

I see various release numbers in the Forum and its some times hard to determine if we are still using the latest release. We use the Desktop Edition and the release number on our version shown under the “About” area is 17.7.13. I was just wondering if there were different release numbers for each Edition?

Yeah there is, 17 is the year, 7 is the month and 13 is the 13th version released in the month (July in this case)

That’s good to know how the release codes work. Thanks

Editions refer to desktop, server, or cloud. Version numbers refer to sequential releases with improvements. Version numbers for all editions are the same. Functionality for all versions is the same except that server and cloud allow multiple users. Latest version information is always available at

Having said that, there was a few week period earlier this year where the server edition did not change because of pending work on users and permissions. That situation has been resolved and all editions are identical once again.

Thank you Tut for that information.