Mojave - High Sierra - Fail update Dropbox

Hi guys,

there is a Dropbox synchronization problem between the following 2 MACs

MacOS High sierra 10.13.6 - Manager: 18.11.66

MacOS Mojave (latest release) - Manager: 18.11.66

Whatever updating performed on the Mojave machine, no synchronization seems to be working on dropbox on the other machine (1).
As you can see, both machines have been updated to the latest version of Manager, therefore they are running the same version.

Would you please inform whether the software has been updated to even solve such kind of issues, and a solution for this problem?

Thanks in advance.

This looks like a Dropbox problem, not Manager problem.

You need to describe the problem in greater detail. Manager writes all data to a separate data file. You can change the location of that data file to DropBox. And both machines can be set up to access that data (one at a time). But there is no synchronization of any kind between the two computers. So it is not clear what you are expecting to happen, nor what is happening, nor why you think there is a problem.

Hey Tut, Novica,

thanks for the prompt feedback.

the two machines have been working for one year with the same shared folder on Dropbox and never a problem. Since one of those updated to Mojave this problem occurred.
First of all, the Mojave machine moved the shared folder to another position (unshared). Once fixed the problem, means both of the machines are working on the same folder, whatever the Mojave machine change in Manager, it’s not updated on the High Sierra machine.

PS. We checked and double checked that both machines are working on the same folder and that in that folders there are the same exact files.

Manager is a very good friend for us and I really don’t want to look for another solution. I hope someone of you can help us.

I wish you a nice Sunday.

I don’t have any knowledge on how Macs work, but try this:

Can you reproduce the problem with any other file? Does dropbox sync correctly with other types of files?

The machine running Mojave changed nothing in Manager. Nor did it change anything in the data file. Operating systems don’t change the program or data files. The change that occurred was made in the Manager program, making it work when opened under Mojave as well as older versions of macOS. So there is nothing to change on the High Sierra machine.

Despite your efforts to verify things, you are either (a) not opening the same data file or (b) having a problem with DropBox itself. But you have not described the exact problem as I asked. You need to tell us exactly what action on which machine does not result in changes that can be viewed when accessing the business from the other machine. It is specifically necessary to know if this problem is one way or goes in both directions.

Also, post screen shots of the Businesses and Preferences pages from both machines.


no problem with sync on other kind of files. Everything is simultaneous.


sorry for may late reply. Very busy days.

Preferences for High Sierra Machine:

Preferences for Mojave Machine:

Files in the folder are exactly the same:

I look forward to your advices.

Well, I don’t know that much about how Dropbox works, because I don’t use it for storing my own files. My only experience is exchanging files with others.

That said, you may not have both Manager installations pointed toward the same file. It looks like you have each pointed toward a Dropbox folder on the local machine. Maybe Dropbox synchronizes the files in your local Dropbox folders, but maybe it doesn’t. If you have any hope of making your home-made version of a cloud edition work, you need to be sure each machine is looking to the same file on Dropbox, not on the local machine. Somebody with more knowledge of Dropbox will have to provide advice on that.

You also don’t have the preferences set the same. One machine will be trying to set everything to Sunday as first day of the week. The other will try to set as Monday. So even if you’re accessing the same file (which may not be true), the two installations will be fighting one another. I have no idea about the consequences.