Modifying Invoice Options


I am trying to add an addition option in the circled area to allow me to use credits to offset the invoice

Is this possible?

It is essential the same of the current deduct withholding tax option with a different name

No, but it is not necessary to do this.

Credits will automatically be applied to the invoice if they are available

These are actually for government funding credits which are external to the company

So they are reductions in the income or do you receive the money from the government?

we will claim the credits from the government agency while the customer will pay the invoice amount less the credit

You cannot add such an option, because that would involve hardcoding in the program. You should also not expect such a feature, as you refer to a specific government program in a single jurisdiction, not a general accounting practice.

You will need to implement this by establish your own asset account for the amounts owed to you by the government credit program. Then post an additional line item on the sales invoice for the credit to that account. Make the unit price a negative amount. This will reduce the balance due on the sales invoice, reduce the debit to Accounts receivable the customer will eventually pay, and increase the asset account you created for the program. When the government pays you, post a receipt to that asset account, which will transfer the debit from the account for the government program to your bank account.

I have never mentioned i expected this to be a feature especially since i know specifically it is only meant for a specific locality and hence me asking if it is possible for it to be done.

I need the credits reflected against the final invoice amount and not as line item leading to the final amount