Minus turns into box in PDF's

In some reports I get square box instead of minuses:


How get rid of that?

os Linux, manager 18.5.39

if it appears fine when generating pdf, then it must have something to do with the fonts installed in your system.
Manager, as a browser, uses the fonts available in your system whereas for generating pdf it uses inbuilt fonts.

i checked few reports on the same Manager version on Windows and did not find such problems.

This may be related to another bug identified today: Reports - Aged Receivables - PDF bug.

@Solnce, does this happen on any other form or report? Or just the Aged Receivables report you illustrated?

Balance and PL uses () instead of -
I didn’t notice that anywhere else apart AR/AP, and customer/supplier statements.

This definitely does not happen on any of the reports you mention on a Mac. I suspect @sharpdrivetek is right: this appears to be a font problem with your operating system, not anything to do with Manager.