Metldown and Spectre Flaw and Manager

I understand that programs such as Mozilla Firefox etc have developed some protection against both of these exploits. So it would seem that we cannot rely soley on Windows Updates and Firmware updates to protect us from these exploits.

Do these exploits affect Manager as well as its basically browser and database based which I think is the combination most affected by these exploits as the microsoft patch will affect performance of databases and browsers have flash, java, js etc etc in play here.

Will the Microsoft Update affect Manager in any way?

The reason web-browsers had to be patched is because it is possible to write an exploit in Javascript. This means you could get hacked by merely visiting a rogue website. This assumes you have a processor which can be exploited and operating system which allows exploitation.

Yes, Manager (desktop edition) is basically a web-browser but it doesn’t need to be patched because you can’t really use it to browse the Internet and stumble upon some malicious website. So using Manager doesn’t make your computer less safe. Hackers can’t use Manager as a “point of entry” into your machine. And that’s true whether you use desktop, cloud or server edition.

Thank you for clarifying how the browser exploit works. That is encouraging as this means that my clients are less likely to be affected by this as we have a proxy filtering server in place so they are unlikely to be able to visit dodgy rogue websites. I was under the impression that it was some inherent design flaw of the actual browser. As you say Manager will not be affected by that kind of exploit.

I will be waiting a couple of weeks and seeing how other people report performance issues with the Microsoft Patch as it seems that Cloud systems like Azure, Amazon as well as SQL Server Databases are going to be impacted heavily by this.

I assume that because Desktop Manager’s database is incredibly small, there will be no performance impact as we are talking about Mb’s here not Gb’s. However, this may affect the Manager Cloud Platform although reports that I read state that cloud services will only be a problem with heavy disk usage or network traffic so I suspect Manager Cloud will work as normal after the servers patch their systems. I think its more SQL Server where they will find problems with performance although Amazon AWS users are already complaining about severe drops in performance.