Merging invoices

I have a few customers have monthly recurring invoice and billable time invoice, is it possible to merge two invoices into one? I have been doing it manually.

Are you actually recording the billable time or is it a fixed amount

  1. If entering the Billable Time - after creating the Billable Time invoice, select “Edit” and add your other invoice items and “Update”. Now you only have one invoice.

  2. Fixed amount - on one of your merged Invoices, select “View” and then select “Clone”, change date and other details as required and “Create”

HI Brucanna,

Do I need to add other invoice items one by one?

Yes, that way the Customer can see what they are being charged for.

Hi guys sorry to bring back an old thread but this feature would be handy, Especially with Recurring Generated Invoices, they could be created then tack on Billable Time at the end of it :slight_smile: without sending out 2 invoices. As in the following workflow.

  1. Recurring Invoices are Created in the system
  2. Billable time is pending for the same customer, either ask if would like to ask to add billable time at that time. Or Create a new billable time invoice and have a merge feature to join to the recurring generated one and the billable time before sending out to the customer.

This would be great as we have a lot of reccuring revenue streams and also consulting and contracting work with the same customers.