Menu Categorization

Dear Developers,

I think it will be better to categorize the menu for Manager. This will ease and short the menu to browse and expand. For instance, categorize sales to include sales invoices, orders etc. and purchase as well this will make the menu access more comfortable and fast to explore. see below …

  • Bank Activities

    • Bank and Cash Accounts
    • Inter Account Transfers
    • Bank Reconciliations
  • Sales Activities

    • Sales Invoices
    • Sales Orders
    • Sales Quotes
  • Purchase Activities

    • Purchase Invoices
    • Purchase Orders
    • Purchase Quotes
  • Notes Activities

    • Delivery Notes
    • Credit Notes
    • Debit Notes
  • Inventory Activities

    • Items
    • Non-Inventory Items
    • Good Receipts

Hope this will be done in the next version.

Best Regards,
Ahmad Kisswani

There’s been quite a few discussions on exactly what you propose here, but that doesn’t seem to fit with the vision the developer has for Manager. You can search the forum and you will find those.

Off course, it would be nice to have a more minimalist interface but that would mean abandoning the easy flat structure and navigating menus which would make searching a bit more difficult for new users.

The flat structure has its advantages though, just experiment with it and with your browser’s built-in functionality and maybe you will have a change of mind.

Dear Ealfardan,

Thanks for your comment, its true that flat structure has its advantages, but my point was to minimize 50% of the menu not all of it.

if developers just categorize the levels that I mentioned above that would be good.
at the end our goals to support who make our life easy :slight_smile:

@akisswani, I think perhaps you do not fully understand the structure of the program and its ledgers. Your categories group functions that are unrelated and leave out functions that are. You have excluded many functional tabs entirely. You have placed some functions in categories where they have no connection. And you overlook the fact that many businesses do not use many—or even most—of Manager’s tabs. So having to drill down through layers of unnecessary headings would create work and irritation for many users.

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Here is small suggestion this design below, but if only some kind of subtle distinction was possible only for the sales category (starting with Customers) I think it could help making a long menu visually more structured for the most used categories. Users could see bank category above and purchase category below this “design”. Another option is if users can choose which icons to darken…

menu gray

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The ease of access to the modules is one of the catchy things about Manager. However, there is always room for improvement. I have this idea of marking a maximum of 5 modules as Favourites which will be added to the Expand and Toggle blur buttons and made to float with them. This will be beneficial for those users who have a long list of modules.

See inserted screenshot below.

The blue dots represent the 5 modules marked as favourites.


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@abeiku, this idea is in line with how it is done in Google Cloud Platform where you can choose which modules you want as favourite and then they are also put at the top in a Favorite category which is nice as there are so many “modules”

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Hi Tor,

It would be nice if users can choose the menu theme they like whether Structured or flat.
if they can add this option to satisfy customer desires that would be perfect and increase
customer satisfaction.

My idea wasn’t to categorize all menu, its just some of them that need to be categorized, like sales, inventory and purchase , that would be enough. and the rest be the same.

I appreciate your response & time.


This was discussed at length here - Manager Navigation Feedback

There were quite a lot of people against the idea of the change as well as for the change, hence the need to have the ability to choose between a flat structure or a grouped menu structure in order to please both sides and make it easy for novices using the program to start off with the flat structure which probably would work best for them and then as their business evolves gradually migrate over to the grouped structure.

The layout proposed by Ealfardan is the one that we ended up agreeing on largely. That is the people who wanted the change.

However, I suspect that it would require a fair bit of rewriting of the program as probably everything is linked based on the current flat structure. But hopefully one day this idea will be implemented as the current design is very inefficient space wise and I have several tabs that basically sit unused all year round such as the folders tab. A grouped structure largely based on Ealfardan’s design would work best for many businesses of all sizes as it groups menu and in theory access by department.

There are roughly 40 icons if every module is open (38 modules as of now + Settings) and then the Securities module is coming and probably more modules - which btw is great.

Its just my screen only fits 26 icons and for such a great software as Manager which is intuitive to use and with huge customizability with custom fields and also clever features such as automatically matching receipts to oldest invoices in customers statements, rules for bank statement import and smart copy “intelligence” to name a few, it just seems a litle off to start scrolling down a list to access a menuicon at the bottom which doesn’t fit the screen, for example Settings. And its only one “tick” on the scrollwheel on my mouse for the right scroll-distance so its fairly sensitive and usually accidentally scrolling to far and then having to scroll back up like a “hunter” zooming in on his prey :slight_smile:

I don’t mind flat structure, only suggesting an option for those who don’t want such a long flat structure to somehow change this, as everyting else is probably better in my opinion - if its not taking too much horizontal screen real estate.