Currently there is Customers and Suppliers, is there a option for Membership.
As in members of an association, club or league.
With an option to email them all when their membership is due. (similar to statement)
With an option for unique membership numbers.
Maybe this could be a category within Customers.
The membership would need a option of “Members Name, Members Association, Member Team”, Address, Phone, Mobile, email, website,Facebook. etc
Similar to grouping your customers, or mailing lists
Thanks in advance


For my club we use Customers. Added some custom fields for other data such as Emergency Contact, membership class etc. You can use the Code on the customer for the member number;

You can rename Accounts Receivable - Member Accounts receivable.

We set up recurring invoices for each member that bills them for membership dues on a recurring basis. You can also change the Invoice Header Title to say Member Invoice etc.

Standard functionality works fine for us. The only item lacking is the ability to print a customer list, i.e. membership roster including the custom fields.

Hope that helps.