Meaning of TIN etc & disapearing amounts

Hi i did not even have bookkeeping in school. I started a small business and is learning your program. Is there somewhere i can find out what the meaning of TIN, ABN and all other mean. Only know the meaning VAT. Also, I make a invoice with the amount filed in. Now i click CREATE and see i misspelled a word. I click EDIT and correct the word. I click update and find the amounts disappeared. Go back and reenter it. Every time i edit i have to re enter the amounts, they do not stay there. Why do they disappear.

TIN refers to Taxpayer Identification Number, a U. S. term. I assume ABN means some similar form of identification in another country. VAT is Value Added Tax. In reality, you will have trouble using Manager without some basic accounting knowledge. It is a tool, not a teacher. Try looking at You will find easy-to-understand basic information about double-entry accounting.

Your problem with disappearing numbers is something @lubos will have to sort out. I’ve never had that happen to me.

Are you using the latest version? Make sure you get the latest version and see whether you can still reproduce the issue with disappearing amounts on it.

Hi Lubos, I am using Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. I loaded Manager from the app centre. It might not be the latest. Is there a way i can auto update or must i re-installe. I tried some other software packages but could not understand it. With Manager i am now slowly getting to understand and do things, Thanks for this software it is fabulous.

Get the latest “DEB” file from The version published in App Center is heavily outdated.

Thanks Lubos