Manual reconciliation is possible or not?

Hello all, New to Manager and it seems great! I am having an issue with reconciliation, as I was used to the clear/unclear process used in Quickbooks. I am finding the automatic process to not work for several reasons.
I see mention of turning off automatic reconciliations and doing them manually, which I would prefer, but I see nowhere for this to happen in the program.
How are you folks dealing with reconciliations?
Thanks in advance to any who answer!

It is better to give these reasons. Manager bank reconciliations are actually very good, also in trapping the errors. See Reconcile bank accounts | Manager Manager does not automatically reconcile anything, you need to enable the Tab in Customize and then open that tab to create the report with your closing balance. If anything wrong it will show and you can then manually correct these until right.

You can disable the function in Customize (see

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Thanks for your reply! I did try it both ways and see that leaving the auto reconcile is probably easier to deal with in my case.

There is no auto-reconcile as I explained. You need to enable it and create reconciliations. When they do not reconcile you have to take prescribed action.