Manager won't run on Windows 10 Home on a Surface Pro X

Hi all,

I’ve just bought a Surface Pro X to compliment my Macbook Pro, but after installing the Windows desktop version of Manager I get the error shown below. Is it do do the the Processor type? I’m not a software engineer and sort of assumed Windows 10 was windows 10 and it would just work.
I’ve Included a screenshot of my PC properties and the installer I used too. I’ve also found an event showing successfull installation, but cant find/don’t know where to look for any other errors in event viewer


From the screenshot the Surface Pro has a ARM-based processor and AFAIK only 32bit versions of windows software run under emulation on a Surface Pro so for the moment you´ll have to install the 32bit version of Manager, at least until the 64bit emulator will be available.

Thanks Mark,

I’ll give that a go and let the forum know how I get on.

Downloaded the 32-bit version, Installed and running a database restored from my Macbook.

Many thanks