Manager Updates, Satisfied Customer

I have been using Manager for a while now and think it is Brilliant. I even use it to Track my Personal as well as Business Accounts.
I like your new facility where you can sort your Chart of Accounts into Alphabetical Order or Group items in any order you like.
One request though,would it be possible to have a Tab on the Manager Software that says “Updates” instead of having to download & install the whole program again. Can we also be advised when updates are available by Managerr by Email…
Thank You once again

yes you may receive mail for new updates from you can subscribe to the updates as per below.

You could always do this. Now it is done by dragging instead of by code numbers.

You really would not want this, as Manager is sometimes updated several times per day. Most updates are not noticeable by the user. They implement internal streamlining or add infrastructure for future changes. The Releases page is the most current listing of user-noticeable changes. The newsletter is only published once per month.

If this is important, you should subscribe to the cloud edition. That is one of its benefits; you don’t have to do your own updates. When you decide to use the free desktop edition, you accept a few limitations.