Manager Server listening on multiple ports

@lubos - currently running Manager on multiple instances but have to create systemd service for each port and path… redirect to port 8080 path:data1 redirect to port 8081 path:data2

its working, but was wondering if there is another way?

Server version, Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

If you’re running different versions then I believe that is the only way

@d3mad thanks, no Im running only one version of Manager…I only update the one installation, anyway its working but was wondering if Manager can run from a config file and only one systemd service for ease of maintenance.

Use case: we have bought two server licences because a business wants to be their own administrator, so no access from us, just hosting and maintaining…cloud is the option but they prefer local hosting and maintenance.

With the tools that are available now, this is the easiest way.

Theoretically speaking, I could create custom reverse proxy which could automatically launch ManagerServer instances based on the http requests coming in. So there would be no need for systemd for each tenant. Just one systemd for reverse proxy app.

And adding new tenant would be as simple as creating new data directory named by hostname.

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