Manager Load Balancing and redundancy

This question is technical systems based and simply a probe to explore scalable redundancy options. If multiple Manager Servers are setup can they all access the same data if pointed to a central data location? I suspect that the data will be bound to each individual server as opposed to common data shared to all 3 server systems…
The use case is to ensure close to 100% up-time of Manager and server resources. Support for multiple incoming Internet services providing both redundancy and Internet load balancing.

There are other methods of achieving this use case but I kind of like this one if possible. Your thoughts.

I’m not really going to support this. Load balancing is not really important because Manager is not designed to handle thousands of concurrent users. This is accounting software for small business which is meant to be used internally.

Typical server can run 24/7 for whole year without any downtime. If something happens to the server, just have a process in place which can restore the software with data on another server. This should be rare. And if it happens, so what… even downtime of 4 hours out of 365 days is 99.95% availability which is very good.

Chances are, your remote users will experience internet issues more than 4 hours in a year and this is completely out of your control no matter how load balanced and redundant your system is.

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