Manager interface (main screen ) does not fit on my laptop screen

Everytime i’m using manager, i have to do left -right scroll to input .Is it possible to zoom -out to fit full page width on my screen.

If you’re on Windows, try holding down the Ctrl key while turning the scroll-wheel on your mouse. (If you don’t have a mouse, hold down Ctrl while doing whatever you usually do on your laptop to scroll up or down. On some laptops, the right-most strip of the touchpad acts as a virtual scroll-wheel. On others, a two- or three-finger gesture anywhere on the touchpad causes scrolling.)

If you’re not on Windows, there may be a similar scroll-to-zoom feature; Google around for it, or try looking under your Accessibility menu to see if there’s anything listed there for magnifying/reducing the screen or the text size.

Horizontal real-estate has always been a challenge in Manager, largely due to the amount of horizontal space the left-side menu occupies. @Lubos has recently implemented “Compact Mode,” allowing the menu to auto-hide, which frees up some horizontal real-estate when it is invoked.

It’s now possible to make left navigation more compact.

That’s great but now I have no horizontal scroll bar so I can not view the full invoice. I have to tab my way around to get to different parts of the invoice making it very difficult to work with. This just happened with the latest update.

Edit: I should add this is the Ubuntu version 18.10.5 and I did discover that I can scroll with ctrl-arrow keys. Just seems odd that while I still have a vertical scroll bar the horizontal one has disappeared.

I cannot see such a problem. Here are a couple examples (the Businesses page and a sales invoice Edit screen), both in version 18.10.5:


In both cases, the horizontal scroll bar is present. These images are on a macOS machine, but the various operating systems run the same software. If there is a problem, I don’t see how it can be with Manager.