Manager freezes when selecting "New Attachment" button in purchase invoice

O/S Windows 10 Home, 20H2
Manager Version 21.3.59 Desktop/Laptop

When adding attachments to purchase orders Manager freezes when selecting “New Attachment” which also causes the O/S Task Manager to freeze. It has happened 3 times in the last hour after adding about 5 to 6 attachments successfully. It does not affect other open apps or the ability to open other apps.

To resolve, it requires issuing a computer restart or shutdown from the Windows start button.

I updated to the latest Manager version (from 21.3.47 I think) but the problem is still evident.

21.3.47 is not the latest version by at least 10 versions

Is it just purchase invoices screen or other screens as well?

Removing from bugs unless this can be reproduced by more users.

Thanks for the reply. It hasn’t occurred while using the New Attachment button in other parts of the program, but that is probably because I attach documents to purchase invoices more often than I do for other transactions.

I was catching up on a backlog of attachments yesterday and so it was a bit annoying to have it happen 3 times after about each 5-6 attachments. Also, I have never experienced the OS Task Manager freezing in the way it did with no other apps affected.

I did notice that it happened when I had more than 1 instance of Windows “File Explorer” open, so it may be a Microsoft issue.

This is probably going to be a difficult one for others to replicate because of its intermittent nature.

I thought that it was best to report the issue to make you aware of the problem. I am happy for it to be be left at that if there are no other users that report the problem.


It seems that the WebView2 app is related to this issue. I think I will stop using Microsoft edge browser and go back to one of the other browsers.