Manager doesn't load

when I try to load the program I get unhandled win32 exception in ManagerDesktop.exe followed by varying codes in brackets- the latest is 2504

Can you show screenshot what exactly you see?

Can’t help with a screenshot because prt sc does appear to work. When I try to load the program, I get a box headed ManagerDesktop, which says Manager Desktop has stopped working and Windows is looking for a solution. I have tried pressing the debug button, which brings in Visual Studio as a debugger and if comes up with an error message of OxC0000005, which I hope means more to you than it does to me!

Perhaps you could download the free “MWSnap 3” to do your screenshots

Do you have a smartphone? Suggestion: Point it at the computer screen and snap a picture.

Thanks for that hint - I have taken the pictures, now I am working out how to transfer them!

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