Manager desktop now feels slow and heavy (on MacOS)

Since the time the installer size has increased (due to inclusion of dotNet core), Manager Desktop on MacOS:

  1. takes much more time to load, and
  2. feels slow during normal use (scroll, page changes, etc)

To clarify, this is NOT a show stopper, I am still able to do everything I was able to before. It’s just that the usual snappiness of Manager Desktop was really good, and loosing it would be sad.

I do not experience this. If anything, response seems quicker.

What you describe sounds exactly like a malware infection of your computer.

I thought it was a little slower on Windows. Most noticeable opening a larger report transformation. Still usable. I wondered if the optimisation normally run after installing .Net was the difference

Other than starting up the first time, which was noticeably slower, I can’t see any speed difference on my computer. Seems to be more or less the same.