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How to separate customer invoices:

  1. by paid or outstanding?
  2. by date filter?

My company receive pre-order from customers, I recorded the payment from customers as liability. When it comes to delivery of the products, I create invoices for customers, but Manager fails to populate the customer credit from earlier payment to apply on the invoice. I have to do it manually.

If other friends here have a good solution, please help advise.

You have to register payment against accounts receivables > customer. Once you will issue the invoices manage will automatically close the position.

The only “issue” is that this temporary liability will be registered under assets with negative sign. But being a very short term thing I would not loose time registering the payment against a special account in liabilities and then doing a journal entry to move the amounts from special account to accounts receivables > customer.

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The Sales Invoices tab has a Status column as well as a Balance Due column.

Click on the Date column heading to sort by date. Click again to reverse the sort order. See

Read the Guide:

100% translated to Cambodian language (Khmer)! :smiley: