Login cloud edition on different PC's

When I log in with the cloud edition on a different PC, I do not get the most recent information. What do I hve to do to have updated data in the cloud edition all the time and that I can log in with any PC and get that information?

Do both PC’s have the same edition of Manager? I
if one PC has an older edition it may have trouble reading the data file from the newer edition

Well the point of cloud edition is that you actually don’t need to have installed anything on your PC. Just open a web-browser and navigate to your cloud site address.

Saying that, all computers connecting to the same cloud site will see the same information.

So what is causing @Pretiosum situation which he first outlined - seeing different data on different computers?

Maybe data is still entered into desktop edition and the expectation is that data should be automatically updated in cloud edition too?

When using cloud edition, data must be entered in cloud edition. It’s better to uninstall desktop edition from computer altogether to avoid confusion.

Thanks for the reactions. Indeed I had different cloud versions on the PC’s. Now I have access to same data on both PC’s.