Locking of Accounts Receivable Account When Processing a Customer Receipt

When processing a customer receipt, when the user selects “Customer” under the “Paid by” drop down list, a user still needs to select the “Accounts Receivable” account under the “Account” option.

It would help if the “Accounts Receivable” account was automatically selected and greyed out the same way the customer details are greyed out if a user selects “Customer” under the “Paid By” option.

For accountants the option of selecting the accounts receivable option is obvious. But this is not so obvious for non accountants and there have been instances where a user incorrectly selects an income account. Also, I do not see a scenario where the account would not be “Accounts Receivable” if a user selects “Customer” under “Paid By”. Locking the account to “Accounts Receivable” where “Customer” is selected under the “Paid By” option would eliminate the possibility of a wrong account being selected.

Read the guides:
Especially the part [Receipt against sales invoices]-[From a sales invoice].

A receipt from a customer is not necessarily posted to Accounts receivable in all cases. It could also be posted to a custom control account or a special account, all for the same customer. So your idea is not advisable. Use the technique referenced by @ries.

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Well noted. Thanks for this feedback.