Lock , Start and Set up date

Please what is the difference between Lock date, Start date and Set up date and when to use each of them.

We opened a new platform for a business set up in 2018.

The reason is to have a clean report, while cleansing the 2018 postings.

However, the unpaid invoices, after keying the unpaid invoices for year 2018, the vendor start up amount will still be showing 0.

Please assit.

Read about lock date here: https://www.manager.io/guides/8901. It is primarily used in multi-user installations so unauthorized users cannot change transactions in past accounting periods.

Read about start date here: https://www.manager.io/guides/9783. It should only be used when migrating to Manager from another accounting system.

Set up date does not exist.

You do not want to “cleanse” 2018 postings. Manager is a perpetual system. Read this Guide: https://www.manager.io/guides/7470.

Thanks for the explanation.
Read through suggested guide.

However, this is my observation which needs further clarifications:
Our client started using Manager in 2018.
Our client business was in existence before 2018.

Due to thousands of transactions posted late last year, most of the transactions were not reporting correctly.

To solve the above problem, a new business (plateform) was opened for year 2019.
That means all closing balances for year 2018 has to be brought in as opening balances.

The above decision was taken to enable us go through each data and correct the mistakes.

Observations with posting the payables:
a. The start date is 1/01/2019.
b. If Purchase invoice date with 2018 dates (outstanding) are posted, example 28/12/2018 for NGN2,000, the amount will not appear under “unpaid invoice” of Settings /Starting Balances.

However, the amount will appear if only a date before 2018 like 31/12/2017 is selected.

Is this correct?
Why is it so?

Please explain for me to be clarified.

It sounds like you may have the date range set incorrectly for your Summary or Balance Sheet (wherever you are looking at the Accounts payable balance). That date range should be set for the current financial period.