Lock Date error on Journal Entry


I made Journal Entry in the past and found there is problem, so I emptied the account. I still want to use the Ref No with a new Journal in the future.

And at present, I want to use the Ref No with new date, which is Nov 14, and when I clicked update button, it is locked. See below image:

So, will I still can use the Ref No? Maybe the program need to be updated/fixed.


What do you mean by “emptied the acount”?

You should just delete the journal entry you do not want and create a new journal entry with the refernce number you want to use

This may not be legal in your jurisdistion, so check with your accountant if it is OK to to do this

When I wanted to delete it, it is locked.
I just unlocked date and it worked.
You just reminded me that just unlock the date and I can use the Ref No.
Regarding your question, I used to leave the journal account blank, so that it won’t implicate accounting matter while I am pending the Ref No.
I can use the Ref No in the future.