Localizations for South Africa

Is there a way to review all localizations specific to South Africa ? I have been using Manager for several years, but have not been active on the Forum.


And South Africa

However I think now to see and edit the localisation an administrator needs to give you access.

you are correct for edit the localization there is a need of Administrator Access.

Thank you for your comments.

I would like to escalate this to someone who can assist, but not sure how to do this.

I will send you login credentials soon

@Abeiku , @John_Hope_Bailie , @Panashe_Mlambo , how do we ensure that the SA localization effort is coordinated between all the Admin users? Can we agree to post suggested changes to this post and collaborate to ensure that we don’t work in different directions.

Exactly, need for revisions must be discussed and agreed.

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I would like to stay informed – no intention to propose anything new at this time.

I agree that a single SA localisation is prefereable.

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