Layout Requests

Hello again.

Back this time with a request with regard to the layout :slight_smile: . First the screen shot.

So, is it possible to:
a) either have an option or just permanently to have the area marked in RED to be frozen on top as we scroll down. As we go down the list, it would be nice to always have the headers visible.

b) The area marked in BLUE, right now the user has to click on the particular text to sort. Is it possible to just click anywhere in the box where the text is to sort by that column.

c) The very top row where the back, business, users, etc. lie is not really a frequently used area. This can scroll up and be tucked away up to the area in RED that freezes. At this point, it would be good to have the BACK Button conveniently at hand to move back. I’m not sure where this can go aesthetically.

d) function request: On receipt of payment, when I have to select from the list of invoices the payment is for, can the list be requested to only invoices for which amount due is greater than or equal to 0. Currently the list shows all invoices since the beginning and selection using the drop down arrow is troublesome where the list is really long.

e) function request not related to the layout, but is it possible to extend the search option to custom field also?

I am sorry I mixed various requests into one post. Please let me know if I should separate them in future.

Thanks a lot,

Yes, you should. They will get essentially no visibility as they are.

This is the most frequently seen approach for column sorting. Your proposed alternative does not readily allow for reverse sorting. See Manager Cloud.

That might seem convenient for you, but many users need these functions quickly available at all times for switching businesses, preferences, etc. Confusion would result if they disappeared.

This has been discussed on the forum many times. You should search before posting suggestions. The problem comes when a customer specifically instructs a payment to be applied to a designated invoice, possibly in error. You wouldn’t want to apply it elsewhere. It needs to be applied as directed, even if that results in overpayment. You don’t need to scroll through a list, though. Just start typing the invoice number and the autocomplete function will bring up only those numbers that match what you have typed. The more you type, the shorter the list will be.

The search function searches only information on screen. If custom fields are set to show as columns, they are included. See Manager Cloud.