Layout of invoices

I know that multiple layouts can be posiible and i use that already.
Basically none of the sjablones do fit the business need.
It could be solved very easily when it would be posiible to have a background image with the business specific layout and through the sjablones just add the variables but leave the image and so away. @tut is there any way to do this? Regards Voeto01

I am not sure I understand your question.

First, what do you mean by “sjablones?” I suspect you mean themes.

Second, assuming you mean themes, any background image included in a custom theme will affect every transaction and form for which that theme is used. But layouts of different transactions must change, because they contain different information.

Third, each transaction type calls a specific set of variables as necessary for that transaction. A journal entry, for example, is much different from a sales invoice.

Thanks for reacting, Yes i mean themes sorry for “sjablones” that how it was transalted to Dutch. Basically i do mean the sales invoice layout in the business when physically print invoices i use preprinted material. But also i sent out the sales invoices digitally and then i have to print to whole invoice complete wtith the designed lay-out. I can send you some samples in a private message if you wish. regards Voeto01

Please don’t send me anything.

Really, the only way to create a custom theme for printing on pre-printed forms is by trial and error. Be aware that Manager is not a what-you-see-is-what-you-get application. So things will look different on screen, in PDF, and when printing directly. Most users do not find printing on pre-printed forms to be worth the effort. Development of a single custom theme is usually more efficient, even if you must hire a local programmer to develop it for you.

Thank you. As you know almost any company has a certain housestyle for delevering documents.I am not interested in modifying documents that stay internal in the business but mainly the invoices to be sent out to customers.
i will find a way to handle this Regards Voeto01

Can you post a screenshot of you invoices’ layout?

@davide of course i can sent a sample but i donot want that to go worldwide in a forum. Is there a possibility to send it to directly to you? Basically i want a background image for the sales invoices to comply with the business and i do use multiple different lay-outs Rrgds Voeto01