Lay out delivery document

Not the whole product description is printed on the delivery document. Only the product code. I think the delevery document has to contain more information such as net weigth, indication of value etc. Is it an idea to make a tool, in which the customer can modify their own specific fields they need to show on this document?

Who has a good proposal?

Bert Schreuders

Not true. Perhaps your software needs to be updated? If there is anything in the Description field, it appers:

You may also be misunderstanding the purpose of delivery notes. They are meant as packing slips or administrative confirmation of delivery. Most businesses would go to any length to avoid having price information on such documents. Besides, the delivery transaction has no financial impact, so there is no financial information associated with it.

This capability already exists for every form. That is the purpose of custom fields.

Your last comment is the most interesting Tut. I go and find this capacibilty and matbe it solves my problem.

Read the Guide about custom fields.