Language change

Dear Sir,

I tried to change the language from english to other language but when i change it most of the items remain same. just title changes like in income statement and balance sheet. Kindly solve this issue so that we can be able to send invoice, receipt or anything else as we want.


What language does this relate to?

@zeeshan238, see this Guide for information about the effects of changing languages: Set language | Manager. Basically, you will discover that changing languages only changes certain predetermined content. Information you have entered yourself, such as inventory item descriptions, customer information, and so forth, do not change.

I observed that when creating a test business when in English language environment and for example checking Nederlands localization that the Balance Sheet main titles such as Assets are in English while the P&L main titles are in Dutch (e.g. Opbrengsten). Only when also making the language Nederland the balance sheet titles such as Assets change correctly to Activa.

There is thus a mix of languages used when when mixing translations and localizations.

yes. certain things like title in balance sheet and PLS account but other elements remain the same. Is it possible to change the other elements language. it will be easy for to understand if you have customers are from Europe who understands other language.

yes. i know how to change the language but when we change the language. it just change the main title and some element most of the elements remain same like in PLS account report. direct expenses or indirect expenses elements do not change. is it possible to change full not mix languages

it just changes certain elements. document or report should be translated in full. it changes with mixed languages.

@zeeshan238 anything that you add in a particular language yourself in the chart of accounts will not be translated by Manager. Localizations translate where possible and selection of the same language as the localization translates the remaining to that language. However if you create an account for example Water Bills this will not be translated.

@zeeshan238, you need to carefully read all of the Guide I linked. It explains exactly why you see what you do. In particular, Manager has no live translation capability. It uses a specific lookup table. Any content you enter is not in that table.

Thank You.