Journal Entries close Manager when I open a fifth register

I have installed Manager deb package in Xubuntu 12.04
When I create a fifth register in Journal Entries Module the application close.
Please, can you help me with this issue? Maybe you can replay or do you have any report about it?

Can you try to create brand new file, create 5 journal entries in it and see if it crashes too? I’m trying to see if you can isolate the problem. I’m not convinced 5th journal entry would cause crash of the program. There must be some other reason.

Thank you for your response.

Ups!!!, OS version is Linux Mint 16 with XFCE desktop. I’m sorry, my mistake. This machine have limited hardware resources. Can it be another reason for crash?

I tried the procedure that you recommend me but I have de same result. Exactly application crash when I create the 5th journal entry.

I installed Manager Acounting in Windows and I don’t have any problem. My next step will be backup my actual windows installation and import on the Linux Installation that crash journal entries. If I don’t have problem with this new Journal entry created in Windows, Could I clone it for new Journal entries, right?