Jerky beeps when scrolling

Using two finger scrolling on my laptop mouse pad produces beeps and not smooth. This has happened on all versions used so far (latest installed). Is there a fix for this? Thanks

Should have said I’m using windows 10

Does it happen with any other applications?
In the past, I have experienced ‘noise’ when the mouse was moved that was caused by the video driver.

Have you searched for your particular laptop in google to see if anyone else experiences similar problems?

Hi zark, the video driver could be something to look at thanks

ok updated the intel graphics driver on my Yoga 500-14 and it made no difference, any other suggestions please?

Not familiar with the problem you are experiencing, see if the above link is the same problem and hopefully same solution. You could also try updating the drivers for the touch pad, and also check out if there is control panel for the track pad with settings that might be relevant.

Worth checking this page out too.